Allride Japan Trip: 03/02/24 - 11/02/24

Japan Powder Adventure -Rusutsu, Hokkaido:

Have you ever heard of the lightest snow on Earth? That's right! The next retreat takes place in Japan,Hokkaido.

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Hokkaido, considered a hidden treasure for those seeking the lightest powder snow on Earth.
When cold air masses move over Russia and gathers moisture over the Sea of Japan, an astonishing 20 meters of snowfall adorns this region every winter.
Due to the favorable location of the Japanese northern island, temperatures remain consistently below freezing from November to April, creating some of the lightest snow conditions on Earth.

Our Base:

"Rusutsu" and its surroundings are arguably one of the snowiest and most variant powder areas in Hokkaido. Additionally, being accommodated in the modern "Cloud 9 Pow Lodge," just a 7-minute walk from Rusutsu Ropeway, you'll feel like Alice in a WinterWonderLand. There's even the opportunity in the evening for some turns in the fresh snow, under floodlights.

Strategically positioned next to the national park of the famous volcano, Mt. Yotei, Rusutsu's side and backcountry reveal themselves as the snowiest and most diverse mountain landscape Hokkaido has to offer.

While Niseko may be the most famous ski resort in Hokkaido, our trip to Rusutsu promises an unparalleled powder adventure that goes beyond any imagination. Guided by our guides, who have been living there for several years, knowing every possible variation and almost every pillow, we have the advantage of not having to share our powder lines with many people. Even if the entire terrain were tracked,

Rusutsu and the neighboring area of Shiribetsu Dake, with its light birch forests, offer more than enough options for touring and hiking to find fresh powder. If there happens to be a sunny day without snowfall during our trip to Japan, the highlight is hiking Mt. Yotei, proudly standing at 1860 meters. These 1500 vertical meters can be covered in about 5 hours and require a certain level of basic fitness. After a day on the mountain, we usually dine in a traditional Japanese restaurant before heading to one of the various hot springs/onsens.

Arrival and Departure:

Participants must organize their own flights to Japan/Sapporo/Chitose. It is essential that you land no later than 03/02/24 at 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

After your arrival at Chitose Airport (Sapporo), buses are available directly on the airport grounds. These buses, costing about 25 euros and including luggage, will take you through snowy landscapes to Rusutsu in approximately 2 hours. Upon arrangement, our Allride Shuttle awaits you at Rusutsu and takes you to the Cloud 9 Lodge, where you'll be accommodated in double rooms. The lodge is only about a 7-minute walk from the lift.

We opted for this lodge with higher standards based on our experience that good sleep and comfort are important to unleash one's full potential in activities.

On the last day, 11/02/24, we start with a leisurely breakfast, and depending on the flight time, there's also the opportunity to relax in the hot springs before each participant individually takes the bus back to Chitose to begin their journey home.


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